Create beautiful mobile onboarding experiences for your new employees

Let your new hires get to know their teammates before they even start working together. Give them access to the apps they’ll use, documents they need to be familiar with, and additional information about the company. All delivered through a tailored mobile experience.

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Why use Uelco

Easily manage employees and control what they need to see from within one app.

Stop using a workaround solution. Trello, Google Docs or email client were not designed to onboard your next talent.

Make your new hire’s onboarding memorable with fun member profiles and mobile experience.

How it works

Customize new hire's onboarding experience via an intuitive web app.

Invite existing members to create fun personal profiles.

Invite your new hire to the team they’ll be working with.


New hire



Share information about your company: its story and values, perks and benefits, fun facts, and how great your office (or its abscence) is.

Document hub

Upload and provide access to documents relevant to a new employee’s role.

Team members

Directly connect your new or potential employees with the team they will be working with.


Provide a new employee with a list of apps your company uses and access instructions.

Import member profiles from Slack

Bring member profiles from Slack to Uelco with a click of a button.


Start onboaring your new hires


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